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Online Tai Chi & Chi Kung Courses and Classes

What if you could learn tools that make you more peaceful, loving and happy, every single time you apply them for the rest of your live?

We’ve created online Tai Chi and Chi Kung courses to teach you the 15 Rainbow Tai Chi & Chi Kung Fundamentals so you can live your life filled with excitement, peace, balance, love, joy, passion and a lot of energy! These tools have helped us time after time and with a deep sense of confidence and trust we know we can help you apply them for a positive and creative outcome in your life. The only thing we need is your receptivity to learn and willingness to change your old ways.

All 8 Rainbow Tai Chi Fundamentals Course

What is this Course About?

For 6 years, we, Liza and Robin have studied with our teacher, Toaist Tai Chi Master Choy, to learn from him these tools for inner balance, happiness and wisdom. Tools to bring more love and lightness into our lives, more peace and acceptance for ourselves, for others and the situations in our external world.

Find the love that is within you and the joy that is you by practicing and learning movements and a philosophy based on natural principles. Learn ways to transform inner duality into peace and space, learn the effortless way to achieve your goals and learn to be who you really are. Learn the qualitative way of the thanking process and so much more in these 8 trans-formative classes (if we may say so).

Deeply inspired by this lifestyle of happy, healthy living we feel it to be our mission to share these gems with the world for whoever is listening. We believe (and know in our heart and gut) that these tools can and will change your life as it has for us.

What's included in this digital learning package?

  • 8 Digital Classes - All Rainbow Tai Chi Fundamentals
  • Free Class - All Exercises & Principles in Sequence
  • Free Book 'Lovely Liza' - by Liza
  • Free Book 'Slowing Down, Turning Within' - by Robin
  • Free Heart Beat Listening Meditation - by Robin
  • Free e-book: All Principles, Affirmations, Exercises & Movements
  • Digital Personal Support Included for 2 Months

What Will You Learn From These Classes?

See below an overview of the class content by subject and a free taster class to have a look inside.

Classes Content by Subject

  • First Class; Letting Go
    Learn the art of letting go your roleplays
  • Second Class; Balancing Inner Duality
    Learn to find balance between your inner opposites
  • Third Class; Loving Acceptance
    Learn to love and accept yourself as you are
  • Fourth Class; Receiving & Giving
    Learn the art of receiving and giving with love
  • Fifth Class; Achieving Qualitative Goals
    Learn the effortless way to achieve what you want
  • Sixt Class; Allowing Yourself to be You
    Release old views to allow yourself to be as you are
  • Seventh Class; The Thanking Process
    Create self esteem with sincere appreciations
  • Eight' Class; The Fountain of Joy
    Be and dance in your inner fountain of joy!
  • Ninth Class; All Rainbow Tai Chi Fundamentals
    Free bonus class with all fundamentals in sequence

30 Minute Preview of the First Class for Free

Do you first want to experience a real class from this course before buying the whole course? We feel you. So here, above, is a part of the first class for free to see if these classes resonate with you. It will give you a sneak peak into the set up and the feel of what you will learn.

Click on the play button above.

Genuine feedback from students

Learn all 8 Rainbow Tai Chi
Fundamentals & principles

with 8 Digital Classes

Everything digital. Learn at your own pace and pause the class whenever you want.
You with you in private, wherever you want. No travel time to group classes. Access forever.

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